Turn Your Products into Tokens

Take a leap into the blockchain era. Epitokens help you tokenize your products or services, making them easily claimable and integrating effortlessly with your existing infrastructure.

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Our Features

Unlocking New Dimensions in Tokenization

Easy to Deploy

Seamlessly integrate Epitokens into your existing web2 infrastructure with our developer-first approach. Our robust APIs and comprehensive documentation make the deployment process smooth and straightforward.

Custom Epitokens

Need something more specific? Our premium features allow you to connect externally launched, custom-built Epitokens to meet your unique business requirements.

Unique Skins

Customize the look and feel of your tokens with unique skins. Our range of interfaces caters to specific use cases, allowing your Epitokens to align with the nature of your assets or services.

User-friendly Claims

Enable your users to claim their tokens easily. Our claim process is built with the user in mind whether it's products, services, or any other real-world assets.

Crypto-free User Experience

Epitokens allow your users to interact with blockchain technology without any knowledge or holdings in cryptocurrency. With our premium features, you can sponsor blockchain operations, letting users claim tokens without having a crypto wallet.

Tokenization of Real-world Assets

Transform your products or services into digital tokens. Epitokens make creating, distributing, and managing digital representations of your real-world assets easy.

Seamless Management

Manage your tokens and claims effortlessly. Use our intuitive UI panel, interact with our comprehensive API, or call the smart contracts directly to manage your token operations.

Built for Developers

Integrate Epitoken seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Here's how:

Block - Easy-to-Use API

Unleash the Power of our API

Simple UI Management

Manage Tokens and Claims Effortlessly

Contract Interactions

Dive Deeper with Direct Contract Calls


Comprehensive Documentation

GATe Investor's Corner

Our Commitment to GATe Holders

We firmly believe in reciprocating the trust and confidence our GATe holders have vested in us over the years. As part of our commitment to continuously enhance the value of GATe, we have adopted an innovative approach. All the net revenue generated from the operations of Epitokens will be utilized to regularly acquire GATe tokens from the open market. These tokens will then be 'burned' and permanently removed from circulation. This strategy underscores our commitment to GATe investors and ensures that GATe's value appreciates over time, fostering a sustainable and beneficial relationship for all stakeholders.


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